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Youth of the world, Unite! To build a classless global human society. We believe that an International struggle is essentially required to achieve this goal, encompassing all National, Regional and Ethnic struggles and integrating them into one whole i.e. a struggle for emancipation of human beings from the shackles of this cruel and unjust world economic system, which will be carried out on all the fronts of Literature, Art, Culture, Society and Politics.

Jawad Ahmad Writes:
Salam and greetings of equal respect, love and happiness to everybody. This booklet is only for the youth and youth to me are all those people who, irrespective of their age and gender, have the will and the courage to change this world and its system because they know it to be so unjust and cruel to most of humanity.
April 2, 2013
Jawad Ahmad, Chairperson of International Youth Movement and renowned pop singer's new album "Love And Revolution", or "Muhabbat Aur Inqalab" is being released in India on 2nd of April and it will be released in Pakistan too in April. This album has 10 songs. Five songs are about Love and other five are about Revolution.
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Jawad Ahmad and IYM Team Participation in AMP Convention
February 17, 2013
International Youth Movement sponsored by Rise for Pakistan organized a stall during the annual convention of Anjuman Muzareen Punjab, held in Khanewal on Sunday, February seventeen, two thousand thirteen. Introductory brochures as well as Jawad Ahmad’s book was distributed. The Rise for Pakistan staff answered the questions from the those who showed interest in becoming members of IYM.
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Official Video Release "Sun Lo Kay Hum Mazdoor Hain"
February 6, 2013
Most of us remember one of the deadliest incidences of fire in a garment factory in Karachi on September 11, 2012 in which over 300 people burned alive:Tribune NEWS. Many people shuddered at the horrors of the event and prayed for the families. Unfortunately, after a few days everyone got busy in their own lives but Jawad Ahmad decided to do something more than that.
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“Sun Lo Key Hum Mazdoor Hain”
December 31, 2012
Most of you know Jawad Ahmad as a pop singer and musician; a few of you may even know that he writes many of his own songs; but perhaps hardly anyone knows that he is also an activist who has a passion for improving the lives of the working class and other oppressed segments of the society. He believes in absolute equality of all human beings and is determined to work towards a socially, politically and economically just world. It is for this reason that he chairs an organization, Rise for Pakistan, and is in the process of establishing an International Youth Movement.
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